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Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell was born in the City by the Bay many years ago. His parents were classical pianists so young Tim started his musical career as a Violist. He was a guest of the Livermore Symphony at age 13 and then relocated to Southern California. So Cal has no high school symphonies so Tim played a tenor drum and a saxophone in the marching band. He played string bass in the off season. Tim then discovered electric bass and girls about the same time! He went on to join the band Osiris on Windy Records. His relationship with the band’s sound man led to him starting a sound com[any when the band broke up. Alive Sound worked many shows around LA, finding a home in the punk community.

Tim has mixed: The Germs, the Worms, Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs, X, Go Go's, Adolescents, Black Flag, Panic, John Q Public, Lindsey Buckingham, John Belushi, Frank Sinatra Jr, English Beat, When in Rome, 1,000,000 tribute bands, a bunch of shows at NAMM, and Shari Puerto.

Tim is still an active bass player working with his band Funky Picnic.

He lives in the South Bay with his wife Stacey and his dog, Penny.