Michael Bell

Michael Bell, the founder and owner of Bell Event Services is a South Bay local. He grew up in the area, watching it prosper and wanting to be a part of the community events. He began working as a bass player at a young age with local bands. After getting married and having children, he began working as the Event Coordinator for a large production company for a number of years.

About 10 years ago Michael made the bold move to start Bell Event Services, utilizing the contacts he'd made over the years. It was a struggle in the beginning and started out of his garage, but has since blossomed into one of the largest event companies in California.

Michael prides himself on his amazing team building, strategy and logistical skills. He hires the best  to provide his customers with the very best. His unwavering desire to see things through has resulted in the management of many annual events and the regular business of many clients, such as Fiesta Hermosa and the Edelbrock Car Show, along with entertainers such as Jim Belushi and Frank Sinatra Jr.